val pageTitle = "Julio Mendoza"

// I Build Android apps in Kotlin.

I have worked in Android Development for the past 8 years and enjoy creating performant and beautiful Android apps that live in people's pockets, hands and/or walls.

I now work at HSE where our Android team works to continuously improve the shopping experience of the app users.

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Apps with my code.



  • Drove the improvement of ratings of the app (from 3.8 to 4.8 in a year and a half) by providing stability to the users by refactoring the old codebase
  • Improved the floor sales performance of the Android app, the app team, and the e-commerce team of HSE with new features and stability
  • Developed the award-winning "Shake" feature, increasing the app's popularity and furthering the users' engagement with the app, and the company overall
  • Generated and updated the CI/CD process of the app testing (Unit and Instrumentation), and release process with Bitrise

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  • Performed as a backup technical lead, managing an 8 people Android development team.
  • Made decisions about architecture and team management to comply in the most efficient way with the client's goals and timelines.
  • Solved multiple issues and implemented new features including analytics integration, custom views and listeners; for multiple versions of the app.